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Virtual Ink can help you get the most out of online technologies. We are passionate about all things online.

We provide services and advise to help you:

  • ensure your online presence is aligned with your strategic direction
  • understand your customers and how you can meet their expectations
  • ensure your online presence is fully-integrated into your business processes
  • identify new opportunities for your business within online.


Do you have a business idea? Let us help you get your brand message across to your clients.


You have been in business for a couple of years and you are ready to take it to the next level.

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Content migration in an online project []
Everyone knows that in the land of the internet, content is king. But as your online presence evolves, how can you ensure content migration occurs as smoothly as possible?

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new work

Women's Circuls
Ran away to the Women's Circus to provide them a social media strategy.

Reviewed all their communications and providing recommendations on what should remain and change with limited resources and fit within their business model.

Received a Good Practice Recognition in the 2013 Woodside Better Business Awards.


Avenger Marine
Overhauled their online presence, architecture and SEO strategy. Since implementation the site traffic has improved 100%

case studies

DIIRD [Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development]
Ever tried to make Flash accessible? These are two words don't usually appear in the same sentence.